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"Sharon Guy understands the big picture and can sell a company, a project, a job opportunity or build an entire sales organization from the top down. Her excellent reputation brings instant credibility to any company using her services. She has the ability to identify talent, strengths and weaknesses and is efficient, reliable, has excellent follow through and works well winthin time constrains. She has an excellent track record for all projects completed for my organizations."
- Bernard Pedoussaut
Consultant and former President, Logo of the Americas and Lux de Paris

"Over the years, Sharon has developed and nurtured many valuable contacts with people in high places in various industries. More importantly, though, she has developed an unusual ability to understand the corporate cultures and values of her clients. In doing so, she is able not only to identify job candidates, but candidates who will fit well into those cultures. That is special."
- Bill Hannemann
Former President, Giro Sport Design and US Sports Camps

"Working with Sharon Guy Associates has been a true pleasure. I needed to hire multiple employees at different levels while reorganizing the company structure to grow to the next level. Sharon became a trusted advisor in many areas; she helped to identify the infrastructure needs of the company, and she facilitated us taking necessary steps to make our company as appealing and well positioned as possible to attract new talent. Most importantly, though, Sharon excels at making a very personal, very strong connection to potential candidates and creating a level of excitement about the position that makes it easy to 'close the deal' and bring on the best candidate possible. Her expertise with psychology and personal communication set her apart from all other recruiters. You simply canšt do better than Sharon Guy Associates for your recruiting needs."
- JL Pomeroy
Publisher, Front Desk Los Angeles
Modern Luxury, Inc.

". . . We started to work with [Sharon Guy] when we decided one of our corporate objectives was to increase our independent and chain optical sales, and knew we needed a strong sales manager to help us implement our goals . . . She proved to be everything her reputation said she was: honest, diligent, resourceful, thoughtful and thought provoking, and most of all, she maintained total confidentiality . . . After this first executive search, we knew that if we had future needs, Sharon was our first choice in our industry (and in our minds, the only intelligent choice) . . . Sharon has been an excellent partner through three executive searches . . . I would highly recommend her to any company thinking of performing an executive search in the optical industry."
- Owner, eyewear and sunwear distributor

". . . I filled the Vision Monday online ballot and voted YOU the 'Most Influencial Woman in Optical.' I hope that you will be among the selected nominees who will be profiled in April in a special VM supplement . . . you have been extremely instrumental through your hiring of executives and through follow-up as an HR consultant and training expert to increase the business efficiency and the business ethics of the US optical industry. I just cannot see another woman having better chances!"
- Claude Darnault
Director of Corportate Sustainability
The Essilor of America, Inc.

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